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Stat Rules

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Stat Rules
Stats are broken down into five categories, these categories are a numerical representation of what is plausible for your character to actually do.
Each character can have a maximum of 350 stats
Natural stats cannot be over 100 in a single field, and can't be lower than one.
Stats can be amplified through the use of kakugane however amplifications can only be flat additives no multiplicative or percentiles.
When boosting stats they cannot go over 400 in a field.
You cannot trade or gift other users stats, however you can exchange extra stats for money once you reach the stat cap at a rate of 1 stat = 100 (Currency
currency is just currency to cover many regions 1 to 1 conversion into the money of the area
Stat Obtainment
Everyone (depending on rank) starts with a certain amount of stats.

  • Student: 40
  • AP Student: 80
  • Graduate: 120
  • Teacher: 160
  • Department Head: 200
  • Headmaster: 240
  • Regional Leader: 280

Stats are obtained by training or attending classroom posts at 200 words per stat. If in a classroom post you are being tutored by another student the stats are acquired a little faster 150 per stat, or if being taught by a teacher it is 100 per stat however the bonuses do not stack to lower wordcount they are highest one only. Participating in club activities or going on training missions will grant stats at a 250 words per stat rate.
Stats can also be awarded by participating in special events, or if deemed appropriate by mods you can get excellent Roleplaying EXP (extra stats for very convincing or character development heavy posts).


Health is a basic stat having to do with how resilient your body is (resisting injuries).
Physical Force (blunt trauma):
This is everything from punches to being thrown through buildings, you need to have at least 10 health higher than the attacks power to be immune to the damage.

Things like getting stabbed or impaled. You need to have at least 20 health higher to be able to survive such attacks.

This is the type of damage that comes from being attacked with an edged weapon. Needs at least 15 health higher to avoid heavy damage to limbs and such from this stuff.

Energy Based Attack:
Well yeah like blasts of energy and stuff (it happens) need at least 20 health higher to be able to ignore the attack.


Strength is another of the basic stats it has to do with how hard you can hit in melee (hand to hand or weapons).

  • A normal human: 10
  • An average homunculus: 50
  • A strength focused homunculus: 100

Examples for Lifting:

  • 10: Everyday objects with ease
  • 20: Large appliances such as an industrial freezer
  • 40: Can lift a small car
  • 60: Very large pachyderms
  • 80: A standard diesel truck
  • 120: Semi Trucks
  • 150: Commercial Airliner
  • 180: Blue Whale
  • 300: Anything on Earth
  • 400: The Moon


Speed is the basic stat that governs how fast you can actually accomplish things. It takes a full post to get moving at maximum momentum for movement, however things such as attacks not utilizing anything more than one part of your body can be made at half of your momentum without windup +30.


Stamina governs how long you can continue on in fighting or strenuous activities. Stamina figures your Action Point Pool, ratio is Stamina+60. Additional points can be acquired by completing training and real missions.
Standard APP Additions per mission Level:

  • E: 1
  • D: 2
  • C: 3
  • B: 6
  • A: 9
  • S: 12
  • SS: 15

Fighting Spirit

This stat governs how effectively an alchemist can stabilize their kakugane and use it to make elemental or energy based attacks. Fighting Spirit boosts the power of energy/elemental attacks only after it is higher than the base power for a technique, it will boost an attacks power by 5 for every 20 points over the base power of the attack it is.  When using energy/elemental attacks it utilizes Fighting Spirit if your Fighting Spirit is less than the power of an ability or attack then you will not be able to utilize the ability, if you're within ten you may use it once but it will cause your character to black out.


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