Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:36 pm

Basic Rules
Welcome to Buso Renkin RPG! Following rules are mostly common sense but read them anyway.

1. One character per account. New Character, New Account.

2. Account name should match character name.

3. Staff will enforce rules, any loopholes or abusing and topics will be voided.

4. Bumping is a 24-hour per bump without reply, if you continue to bump and ignore this rule its just going to get ignored or deleted.

5. Requesting at least 50 words per post when roleplaying as short posts are hard to work with.

6. Godmodding is absolutely not okay, no taking control of other peoples characters. Don't be rude guys.

7. No adult content allowed, its against host provider's ToS and will result in perma ban/ip ban.

8. Characters need to be approved before you can actually rp with them so please be patient staff are working as hard as they can.

9. Don't misuse mass PM feature.

10. Advertising is permitted in the appropriate forum. No advertising in signature, chatbox or posts anywhere else.

11. Try to be polite to other members, remember this is a fun hobby not real life or death stuff.

12. Out of character chatter should be differentiated from in character stuff, but please try and keep it to a minimum in IC posts.

13. Lets all be fair and try to not metagame too much (knowing things IC that you discover OOC yada yada common sense people).

14. Be Realistic!!!

15. No changing of stats once they have been added! Post in your characters upkeep sheet when you are adding stats and money just to keep it all straight, if your original stat page starts to get cluttered you are free to remake the post so long as a staffer looks and makes sure nothing shifty is going on between your old post and the new post.

16. This should be obvious but no copy pasting of anything for posts, if you want to quote something someone else said go ahead by all means, but you can't count someone else's words to your total as that is just silly. If you are found to be copy pasting you will be voided and utterly ended (temp ban for at least 2 days)

17. Character Suicide is a touchy subject and if your character is going to get offed, make it good, otherwise if it lacks reason it'll just be voided.

18. Flashbacks are allowed but will be strictly monitored for content.

19. All items, kakugane, and characters must be fully approved before you start roleplaying, if you attempt to use an item or ability without first getting it approved then it will be voided.

20. Items that are created during a topic, say I started an item and it gets approved in the middle of a topic, must be agreed upon by all other parties in the topic it would effect, otherwise no you can't make something and bring it into a topic already in progress.


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